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As part of the Hyderabad Heritage Festival in April 2012 Ghazals India launched its first two music albums: DASHT-O-SEHRA and AAH-O-FUGHAN.

A simple and enchanting evening at Hyderabad was the beginning where artistes like Devi Ramana Murthy set to music and song choice poetry written by Faraz Hamid, poignant, haunting and scintillating.
Seema Mustafa

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Ghazals India was primarily established with the purpose of re- establishing, rejuvenating and refreshing the unique and brilliant art form of the ghazal, which is the soul and spirit of Urdu poetry. The Ghazal reaches out and touches all Indians who speak and understand Hindustani. Ghazals India desires, in all humility, to bring to the fore, pure exponents of the Ghazal form; those Artists who are confined to one part of the Country, though deserving to be heard and appreciated on a national level. More »

[The Goblet of King Jamshed]

A Book of Verse Set to Music

[Based on KALAAM E FARAZ in an array of eight CD’s]

The first project undertaken by Ghazals India is to set to music the poetic verse of Saiyid Faraz Hamid, a scion of a family dedicated to Literature and the Fine Arts. Running parallel to his soon to be published work, Faraz has taken it upon himself to set to music a large chunk of his poetic output. He has decided to entitle his Anthology of poems Jaam e Jam, translated as the goblet of the mythical King Jamshed. The unique feature of the Goblet was that it allowed Jamshed, a wise and just ruler, to view each and every part of the world. The title has been chosen by the poet as his poetry is a perspective on the world, couched in words and sculpted by poetic norms. More »

What's to Come

  1. Our first two albums were recently launched at the Hyderabad Heritage festival held in April 2012 at the invitation of the Dept of Tourism, Andhra Pradesh.
  2. Ghazals India intends to release its Albums on a regular basis, aiming at novelty in both form and content.
  3. We are in the process of identifying distribution and retail outlets so that our Music can be showcased nationally and internationally.

GHAZALS INDIA intends to:

  • bring to the national stage new voices and new poetic content from all over the country;to bring Artists from reputable Institutions of Music onto a common platform;
  • bring the best Indian talent out and to put it within the reach of music lovers, national and international;
  • free the Ghazal from the captivity of a few voices and repetitive poetic verses;to break the monotony of sameness of voice ,style,verse and musical genre.To extend the reach of the Ghazal through simplicity of poetic expression, uniformally good musical compositions and all round variety;
  • extend the reach of the Ghazal through simplicity of poetic expression, uniformally good musical compositions and all round variety;
  • take our young generations back to their roots by exposing them to the soulful richness of the Indian musical heritage;
  • bring to ghazal- gayaki excellent poetic compositions, which have not been sung before, and are highly suitable for rendering; and
  • rejuvenate and revamp the Ghazal, restoring it to its pristine purity, respecting its glorious traditions, yet giving it a new manifestation.

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